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Pops of colour in your space can help to inject even more personality and brighten it up effortlessly. If you’re unsure of what colours would suit your space the best, here’s a simple colour guide to help you get started!

Saturated tones are used to create a more vibrant and energetic atmosphere, and come off much stronger than muted, pastel tones.

Pastel tones, on the other hand, can give off more serene, calm feelings, and are more suitable for styles such as Scandinavian that focus on bringing light and peace.

It’s also useful to consider if you prefer warm tones, that create more welcoming, comfortable spaces, cooler tones that feel more refreshing, tranquil and calming, or neutral tones that are more versatile.

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Yellow is a vibrant and cheerful colour, and is often used to create a happy, uplifting mood. In many cultures, yellow is a sign of peace, courage and spontaneity.

In such a warm country like Singapore, yellow may seem like an unwelcome addition – after all, the sunlight brings enough warmth and yellow tones into our homes.

However, using paler and lighter tones of the colour will make this much easier, as they still bring out a sense of freshness and energy without being too overwhelming.

And since yellow is such a vibrant colour, just little spots of it can also do much to brighten and liven up your space! Through decor such as flowers, framed art and even lighting, yellow is definitely a pleasant addition to your space regardless of what look you’re going for.

Orange is another bright, exciting colour that exudes enthusiasm. It is less aggressive than red, and at the same time brings about the same joy that yellow does. Orange represents action and illumination; and in its golden tones, wealth and wisdom.

If you fear that yellow is too bright and red is too strong, orange is the perfect colour for you!

An orange centrepiece helps to draw attention, while maintaining elegance. Otherwise, warm-tinted lighting can also create a more welcoming and cozy atmosphere that’s sure to make you fall in love with your space!

See how the tiniest hint of orange can add a punch of character to even a black-and-white space?

With orange, the possibilities are endless; feel free to go wild!

Red is a striking, bold colour that is often used to make statements. Even in its more muted tones, anything red automatically demands attention and gives off a very strong energy. Red represents love, passion, intensity, and in some cultures, joy and good luck.

Red elements around the house, no matter how big or small, make for very interesting visuals. Don’t be afraid to go all out if you’re feeling adventurous, but just a bit is enough to give your space a sudden boost in colour and confidence!

At first glance, red may seem intimidating to play around with. But don’t be afraid to experiment; you never know what you might get!

Pink is a much lighter and brighter shade of red; it exudes less aggression and power, and generally has a softer, warmer feel to it. It is used to represent contentment, happiness and serenity.


Pink matches easily with other colours and creates an attractive and peaceful look.

Pink walls come in all shades and patterns; they can fit themes from Scandinavian to Bohemian!

Furniture now also comes in various shades of pink – pick one that resonates with you, and it’ll definitely bring character into your space.

Balance the pink out with white, black, or even blue and green – it’s hard to go wrong!


Purple combines the soothing nature of blue, and the fierceness of red. Purple relaxes one’s mind, and can also stimulates creativity. Rarely seen in nature, purple is often associated with royalty, peace, wisdom and magic.

Both rich yet calming, purple has always been a popular choice for bedrooms for the comfort it provides.

In its brighter shades, purple can also be a fun colour that injects youthful energy to your space! Certainly a versatile colour, purple can be made to fit any theme and atmosphere you wish.


Blue is a cool colour, that promotes feelings of calmness and serenity. In different shades, it can show different levels of intensity, and can still be an energetic colour. Blue often represents intelligence, loyalty, and sincerity.

The possibilities with blue are endless; it’s important to know what role you want the colour to play! For a richer feeling, choose deeper tones that can mystify your room. For something more refreshing, go for bright or pale tones that easily complement other colours!

Even as decoration, blue is easy to match and adds striking visual elements to any space. A fun and interesting colour to play with, it’s no wonder it’s a popular choice for many.

Green is a colour heavily associated with nature (for obvious reasons). Thus, green can bring a touch of nature and freshness to your space, and is the most relaxing colour for the eye. Green also symbolises growth, health and ambition.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would know that one of the easiest ways to add green to any space is through plants: real or fake, big or small, potted or hanging, or even just as a print or artwork – plants have been everywhere – and for good reason!

Adding plants not only instantly brings a touch of nature to a room, but also works well with almost anything. Plus, they come in all shapes and sizes! If your room feels a little lacking, just fill in a few plants and feel the difference for yourself.


Otherwise, green walls and furnishings are also good for adding some quirky colour to your room, without seeming too standoff-ish! As green becomes the new black, it’ll definitely create a trendy look.

Black is the absence of colour, and thus seems mysterious. It is often seen as a formal, professional colour, and also represents sophistication, power, and elegance.

White, on the other hand, is inherently positive and represents simplicity, spirituality, purity and humility.

Grey and off-white tones are more versatile, and can be used to accent other colours while balancing out the colours.

As monochrome comes back into trend, it’s definitely more interesting the explore the array of colours that fall under the monochrome scheme, that isn’t black or white.

Grey and off-white tones can be both warm and cool, so look out for colours that would suit the atmosphere you want! They can also be really useful in complementing the default B&W look to give it some edge and vibrancy.

Due to the nature of B&W and neutral tones, they tend to go along well with any colour you can think of. But remember — it’s always good to have some accent and contrast to bring visual interest and depth to your space, that will prevent it from looking too plain or one-dimensional.

With these tones, the key is to stay simple and sophisticated. From your colours to your decor, the way these colours are used can say much about a person.

There’s so much you can do with these colours, the choice is up to you!

With a better understanding of what each colour may represent and the different ways to introduce them, it’s easier than ever to bring your personality to your space, and your space to life.

Now, you can colour away!

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